viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Masturbation issue

So let´s say you´re a kid entering adolescence and you´re a fan of this kid´s (early teens) show, and there´s this really cute girl on that show.
So let´s say your willy (Penis) starts to feel funnky and you discover the joy of masturbation.
So let´s say when you were a kid (early teen) you used to choke the chicken to that show when that girl was on.
So let´s say years later you find clips of that show on youtube and that girl, you are now and it morally wrong if you still stroke your willy?

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

made me wanna watch Re-Animator again

Sergey Sergeyevich Bryukhonenko (Russian: Сергей Сергеевич Брюхоненко, 1890–1960) was a Soviet scientist during the Stalinist era. Bryukhonenko's research was vital to the development of open-heart procedures in Russia. He was one of the leaders of the Research Institute of Experimental Surgery, where Professor A. A. Vishnevsky performed the first Soviet open-heart operation in 1957.
Bryukhonenko is primarily remembered for his development of the autojektor, a primitive heart and lung machine. The device was used with mixed results in a series of experiments with canines during the late 1930s, which can be seen in the film Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. While some today speculate that the film is a re-staging of the procedures, the experiments themselves were well documented[citation needed], and resulted in Bryukhonenko being posthumously awarded the prestigious Lenin Prize.