martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

Animal Kant

besides sounding like a bitching metal name for a band I started thinking of Kant´s maximes and animal rights and so far this is what
I´ve come up with (I´m basing this on Kant´s view against mine)...

Kant´s maxim state a binary world where "good and bad” are actions predetermined by a code cemented in moral authority, such maxims serve a valuable purpose in legal practices were a judge bases it’s decision on an aspect of self conscious being, in some cases exceptions will be made in the service of “justice” (basing the term on the common idea among the society it serves) when an individual is not in full mental capabilities. There for disregarding the basic idea Kant had in mind for his maxims. The fault in Kants view lies with in that he so much evaded... gray areas.

people who are for animal rights and people who hunt, kill and consume with our shame.

We can agree on botch sides of the spectrum, since all of us participate in one way or another in animal cruelty and the line to what is moral can be drawn without boundaries, one can say “abusing a dog is a crime” while enjoying a Rib Eye, it appears our view can take both sides, depending on the animal and the situation. (this one was captain obviousish)

We could say animals show a basic and primitive form of affection and we can assume it came from natural selection. A dog knows waving its tail will provide some sort of positive outcome since the human at contact perceives a positive emotion from the dog, in this case happiness, So there for, dogs will flourish in future generations the information of waving their tale. We could argue that there’s no morality involved in the origin of the affective perception since it only came from a survival need, there for we could argue that morals based on emotions are void and only morals based on maxims are true since we are only judging the act not the origin.

The only animal deaths that seem matter are the ones where an animal who has a loving owner die, the attachment hurts the feeling of the individual, but the same could be said for an object which means something sentimental for the owner.

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