martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

my new favorite show

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

How I managed a broken heart

I knew this chick who´s the sister of one of my best friends, I always had this image of her being really mature since she´s really cute but manages her own business. and she had this image of be being immature because how I dress and act around the people that I care (since her sister is my friend we´d been in some parties together before, my sense of humor can become really explicit at times.... Aristocrats style...) so she though I was an immature dude, not knowing that I have my own house and work in something that I love and gives me what I need. I actually consider my self as mature as I can be, which seems to work :) this is what happened:
I´m single and I´m feeling kind of blue, so I say to my self "hey she´s single why not try something?" so indeed I did, and first thing she tells she thinks of me as a kid and as a really perverted guy, I´m all like, "no let me show you that I´m not what you think I am" So I decide NOT to firth with her and just cut to the chase, I tell her with all honesty who I am, what I do so she realizes most of the time you should not judge a book for its cover, she tells me she´s amazed on I turned out to be, I´m all like "Cool,Honesty pays"....well, not really. I see her with another dude, now obviously I go through the stages of grief, thanks to weed that was like 10 minutes, and I said to myself "meh...her loss, The show must go on".
My friend (her sister) actually tells me that she´s really immature and is a relationship whore, and I´m like "whaaat?" I come home, remember the South Park episode Raisins and I send her this message:

Girl Name...Stan says you're a cunt... you're a... cunt... Stan says you're a cunt... cunt... cunt...Cunt... cunt... continuing source of inspiration to him.
Jimmy Swanson. South Park, Raisins Episode.

Now I´m not hating on her, I hope she can be happy and in a way she´s still inspiring me, I was there to teach her not to judge a book by its cover and she showed me the same thing, life is cool.