martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

How I managed a broken heart

I knew this chick who´s the sister of one of my best friends, I always had this image of her being really mature since she´s really cute but manages her own business. and she had this image of be being immature because how I dress and act around the people that I care (since her sister is my friend we´d been in some parties together before, my sense of humor can become really explicit at times.... Aristocrats style...) so she though I was an immature dude, not knowing that I have my own house and work in something that I love and gives me what I need. I actually consider my self as mature as I can be, which seems to work :) this is what happened:
I´m single and I´m feeling kind of blue, so I say to my self "hey she´s single why not try something?" so indeed I did, and first thing she tells she thinks of me as a kid and as a really perverted guy, I´m all like, "no let me show you that I´m not what you think I am" So I decide NOT to firth with her and just cut to the chase, I tell her with all honesty who I am, what I do so she realizes most of the time you should not judge a book for its cover, she tells me she´s amazed on I turned out to be, I´m all like "Cool,Honesty pays"....well, not really. I see her with another dude, now obviously I go through the stages of grief, thanks to weed that was like 10 minutes, and I said to myself "meh...her loss, The show must go on".
My friend (her sister) actually tells me that she´s really immature and is a relationship whore, and I´m like "whaaat?" I come home, remember the South Park episode Raisins and I send her this message:

Girl Name...Stan says you're a cunt... you're a... cunt... Stan says you're a cunt... cunt... cunt...Cunt... cunt... continuing source of inspiration to him.
Jimmy Swanson. South Park, Raisins Episode.

Now I´m not hating on her, I hope she can be happy and in a way she´s still inspiring me, I was there to teach her not to judge a book by its cover and she showed me the same thing, life is cool.

8 comentarios:

  1. Well that was interesting to say the least O.o
    Entertaining read though!

  2. "I go through the stages of grief, thanks to weed that was like 10 minutes"

    HAHAHAH, good one!


  3. A broken heart? Cmon dude, you guys didn't even go out. Getting used to rejections is all part of life :)

  4. yeah but the title "how a minor inconvenience made me uncomfortable for a couple of hours" doesn´t have the same ring to it :P

  5. awww she thinks you're a kid? its never gonna work now.

  6. Broken heart? not really, but still very entertaining story

  7. Sorry it didn't work out, but sounds like you gained something from the experience. :)